Widener Magazine Hopes to Hear from You

November 16, 2009

Our fall 2009 magazine is almost off the presses, and soon will arrive in your mailbox and online.  We hope to start a conversation with you about the magazine.  This blog is the place to post a letter to the editor, ask a question, or make a comment.

widener logo We also will be conducting an online survey very soon.  Not everyone will be called on to respond — our methodology calls on us to randomly query 25 percent of our readership for whom we have e-mail addresses.   The Council for the Support and Advancement of Education (CASE) created the survey, and it has been conducted by more than 120 schools nationwide.

One result from national survey thus far is that a total of 86 percent of readers want their university to continue printing, and not switch to simply an online publication.  There also are questions about what types of stories readers want. We expect this information to be a tremendous help in creating future issues of Widener Magazine and Postscript, our alumni newsletter, which will appeal to you.

If you receive our survey via e-mail, we hope you will fill it out and let us know what you think of the magazine.  If you don’t get the e-mail, you still have the opportunity to be heard on this blog.  And if you have something you don’t want to share online, I encourage you to e-mail me at jsstarnes@widener.edu or call me at 610-499-4246.  I eagerly await your input. — Sam Starnes, Editor


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