Widener Leads Region in Tobacco Ban

January 5, 2010

The university’s upcoming ban on tobacco — smoking and smokeless — made the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer today:  “Widener University, as of July 1, will become the first four-year college in the Philadelphia area to ban smoking and use of other tobacco products on its campuses – indoors and out,” Inquirer Staff Writer Susan Snyder wrote.

President James T. Harris III wrote about the ban in Widener Magazine last fall, citing the estimated 443,000 deaths smoking causes each year as a key reason for the ban on tobacco.  “The facts about the human toll of its use are staggering,” he wrote.

With the slogan, “Proud To Be Tobacco Free,” the ban begins on all four campuses in July 1.   In advance of the ban, cessation resources and classes are being offered for faculty, staff, students and family members.


One comment

  1. Thank God I’m outta there. Just what the world needs, another institution making decisions for adults in a “free” Society. To ban smoking in buildings is one thing, but outdoors as well? How do you plan on enforcing this? A write up for smoking in the quad or on your way to class. With all the available off campus housing in Sun Hill I wonder if this ruling will cost the University housing and room and board money.

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