PMC Alumnus Publishes Book on Civil War Hero

April 6, 2010

Bill Speer’s (’72) research on Delaware Military Academy graduate and Civil War hero Henry Clay Robinett (1860), profiled in the January 2010 issue of Postscript, has been published by Deeds Publishing.

The book, From Broomsticks to Battlefields, After the Battle: The Story of Henry Clay Robinett in the Civil War, sheds light upon “several aspects of the American experience and society in the mid-nineteenth century that have not been fully explored,“ according to the publisher. “Unlike many who returned to civilian life after the Civil War, Robinett pursued a career in the regular Army. That career, however, was marred by ever increasingly erratic behavior that ended in his suicide just three years after the war – the result of complex psychological problems that are carefully discussed in the book. From Broomsticks to Battlefields gives us a little more insight into the extent to which the horrors of war affect the personality and reminds us that historians and psychologists have barely begun to study the question of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury among Civil War veterans.”

The book can be purchased for $21.95 through the Deeds Publishing website.

Speer is continuing his research on Delaware Military Academy graduates focusing on Brigadier General David Vickers Jr. (1861).  In Widener’s history dating back to 1821, the school existed as Delaware Military Academy from 1859-1862.  You can follow Speer’s research on his blog at http://broomstickstobattlefield.blogspot.com.

— Dan Hanson, Editor, Postscript


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