Widener Bests Swarthmore in 320 Challenge

April 9, 2010

Tom Walton, pitcher, and Colin Keelan, 1B, against Swarthmore

The almost-here issue of the spring Widener Magazine features a story about the 320 Challenge, a recently introduced year-long competition between Widener and our neighbor Swarthmore College in 19 sports.  At press time approached, we had a big lead and I had hoped we would win it and I could report the victory in the magazine.  Alas, it didn’t happen in time to make the magazine, but it did happen.

Rachel Porter, lacrosse

Thursday afternoon the women’s lacrosse team defeated Swarthmore by the tight margin of 10-9, giving us an insurmountable lead of 10-6 in the 320 Challenge (so named for the road connecting the two schools.)  Check out the 320 Challenge page for details on all the team scores.  And be sure to read the story on page 4 of the upcoming magazine about how the competition originated.

— Sam Starnes, Editor


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  1. Excellent way to use this blog, Sam.

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