Widener-PMC’s Marathon Man on Monday Goes for Record 44th Consecutive Boston Marathon

April 14, 2010

Chester, 1968

Neil Weygandt, a 1968 graduate of PMC Colleges, the predecessor to Widener, hits the road on Monday in pursuit of his 44th consecutive Boston Marathon.  Weygandt, 63,  ran his first Boston Marathon when he was a 21-year-old junior at PMC.  He hasn’t missed a year since, and now holds the record for the most consecutive races by one year.   “I’m going to go up and I’m going to finish,” Weygandt, who was profiled in the fall issue of Widener Magazine, said Wednesday. “It might be my slowest time ever.”

Weygandt said snow storms in Februrary interferred with his training, and he suspects his time might be close to five hours (last year he ran in four hours and 45 minutes).  He said his hips that were hurting last fall feel better, in part due to taking some time off.   Even if his hips hurt, he is determined to finish the race. “I’m going to give it a go.”

Boston, 2009

The 26.2 mile race starts Monday morning, and results and coverage of the race will be available online at the Boston Marathon website.  Weygandt will be wearing bib No. 22165 this year.  You also can check back here on Monday for an update on his time.  Good luck, Neil!

— Sam Starnes, Editor


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