Leadership at Widener Law in Harrisburg

November 3, 2010
I spent a pleasant and informative day earlier this week at the Widener Law campus in Harrisburg, talking about leadership and sustainability with John Dernbach, a distinguished professor of law and director of the Widener Law Environmental Center.

I chose to interview Dernbach to include him in an article focusing on the university and leadership in an upcoming special issue of Widener Magazine in large part because he directs Sustaining America, the Agenda for a Sustainable America Project.   The project brings together sustainability experts from many disciplines, reviews sustainable development efforts in the U.S., and makes recommendations for future action.  The work led to the 2009 book, Agenda for a Sustainable America, edited by Dernbach.

Dernbach’s influence reaches far and wide in the fields of sustainability and environmental law.  Two of many examples:  He won  a 2010 award for distinguished service  from the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Environmental and Energy Law Section earlier this year, and recently The New York Times’ Andrew Revkin wrote about a speech Dernbach made in New York.  –Sam Starnes, Editor

An office with a view: Dernbach at Widener Law in Harrisburg



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