Letter: Walking in Cecil B. DeMille’s Footsteps

November 4, 2010

Thanks to Anthony P. DeCurtis, Sr. for this recent letter to Widener President James T. Harris III, and also thanks for granting permission to run it here on the Widener Magazine blog.   Letters and comments about the magazine are always welcome.  — Sam Starnes, Editor

Dear Dr. Harris,

On my way to class this week, I noticed the picture of Cecil B. DeMille that graced the cover of Widener Magazine.  What a revelation! I have visited the same buildings and trod the same paths as Mr. DeMille.

Over my two plus decades as an adjunct Professor of English at Widener, I was unaware of the director’s attendance here at (the former) PMC.  I knew of Burt Mustin, class of ’03, but not of the fabled director of The Greatest Show on Earth.  I mention this title because as I child, I was in the audience during the filming that took place here in Philadelphia.

Widener should take pride in our artifacts of DeMille’s time here and publicize it to the community at large. One suggestion that I have is to establish an “archives day” in conjunction with some other important campus event.  Another idea is to have postcard copies of his signed Samson and Delilah script available for sale in our bookstore, along with pictures or other artifacts and memorabilia of his era.

These suggestions can be explored further, but what a treasure we have.

Thank you for your time and for the current issue of Widener Magazine.


Anthony P. DeCurtis, Sr.


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