On Deck: Widener Alumni Spring Training Events

February 10, 2011

Early this morning I was looking for a pair of shoes in the back of my closet when I came across my favorite flip-flops.   At first I winced, thinking of how pointless they seemed on a day where the high would be only 27 degrees, but then I smiled, remembering that one day soon the weather will break and the snow will all melt and the grass will turn green, regardless of whether or not the groundhog’s prediction last week was accurate.  And with that warm weather baseball season will return.  For Phillies fans, this year promises to be one of the best ever with the pitching staff they have on board. And if you flip the calendar ahead only one month, spring training will be here.

That calendar will also tell you it is only six weeks until Widener’s West Coast Florida Regional Alumni Chapter begins hosting events centered around Phillies spring training games with the New York Yankees in Clearwater, Fla., on March 20, and the Atlanta Braves in Orlando on March 27.  Visit the alumni page for information on the sunset happy hours, pre-game parties, game tickets and reservations. And don’t forget to pack your flip-flops.

–Sam Starnes, Editor


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