DeMille’s Granddaughter Praises Article About Legendary Filmmaker in Widener Magazine

February 14, 2011

After the release of  fall 2010 issue of Widener Magazine, I sent a few copies to the DeMille Office of the Motion Pictures Associates and thanked them for allowing us the rights to reprint a few historic photos free of charge.  I was thrilled to open the mail last week and find a letter from Cecilia deMille Presley about the article “Cecil B. DeMille: Iconic Hollywood Director Grew From Widener-PMC Roots.” It read:

Dear Mr. Starnes:

With great joy and nostalgia, I read your article on the man who raised me, my Grandfather, Cecil B. DeMille.  I say nostalgia because Grandfather so often talked about Pennsylvania Military College and the wonderful times and education he received there.

Your article caught his spirit and depth of his career; he was honored to be presented with an honorary doctorate from the college in 1931.

1931, isn’t that amazing.  His accomplishments and his films live on.  Thank you for your wonderful article.


Cecelia deMille Presley

(Click on the image to the right to see a scan of the letter).  Thank you very much, Ms. Presley!

–Sam Starnes, Editor



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