Widener-PMC’s Old Main: Then (1942) and Now

March 10, 2011

In putting together the recent issue of Widener Magazine focusing on Taking the Lead — The Campaign for Widener, I sorted through many aerial campus photos old and new.  Here are similar perspectives on Old Main — the first from October and the second from 1942.  (Click on these images to enlarge them.)

You can look for historic campus shots and other noteworthy items from the past to be posted on this blog near the end of every week.  Let me know in the comments field if there is something from the Widener-PMC past you’d like to see.

–Sam Starnes, Editor



  1. Hello, My son, Steven Pagano, just graduated on Saturday Physics/Mech. Eng. I have searched the internet for a black & white pic as seen here of “Old Main” 1942. Do you have any posters of this pic for sale, or how can I get a copy of this vintage arial shot.? I’d like to frame and give to him. Thanks,
    Jane Pagano

  2. Thank you for your note. We don’t have that image for sale, but I’ll contact you via email to help you with your gift. It sounds like a great idea! Sam Starnes, Editor

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