Thought-Provoking Lineup of Next Philadelphia Speakers Series to Start With Education Leader

March 31, 2011

Earlier this month Widener University announced the lineup for the 2011-2012 Philadelphia Speakers Series, including Michelle Rhee, an outspoken advocate for school reform featured recently on the cover of Newsweek.   Rhee, founder of The New Teacher Project which has recruited 23,000 new teachers across the country, will be the first speaker on Nov. 7.

The future of K – 12 schools is much on the minds of faculty in Widener’s Center for Education, and the topic will be the subject of the cover feature article of the spring 2011 magazine.  Look for the magazine’s release in late April.   For more information on the speakers series, see the press release and the event’s web site.


One comment

  1. Waiting for superman is a real wakeup call and I would love to hear Michelle speak.

    The teachers union is destroying enducation not enhanching it. I am a college professor of 20 years now and see the results of the public school system first hand as each year more unqualified students get into colleges. Many have no skills at all yet have high expectations. It is all about the money not the education. We are well on ourway to becommingsecond class citizens in our own country ifw e do not make some radical changes to the system.

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