Alumni Focus: What Did You Learn at Widener?

April 4, 2011

Widener University’s Office of Alumni Relations wants to hear from our graduates about how what you learned in your years here has benefitted you in the working world.

Our first alumnus to be featured in this question-and-answer format is Carlo Toscano, a 1985 accounting graduate.  He is tax managing director in KPMG’s Philadelphia Business Unit in charge of the financial institution’s tax practice in Pennsylvania, and a past president and member of the board of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Financial Manager’s Society.

How did studies in your field make a difference for you?

Toscano:  The courses in my major – accounting – were right on point. Much of the material that was discussed in the classroom was actually used in real life settings, which made me well prepared for the working world.

What did you learn that contributed value to your work? Was there a particular course or experience?


Toscano: Most of the intermediate and advance accounting courses had content that was applicable to my work almost immediately. In addition, I was part of the co-op program, which allowed for me to use some of the classroom knowledge in the workplace before graduating, which then allowed for the remainder of the classroom curriculum to be absorbed much easier.

What is so great about your degree?


Toscano: The degree credentializes all the years of learning and experiences at Widener. It’s something that signifies accomplishment and indicates knowledge from a select program.

What about your Widener experience makes you different when compared to work colleagues who graduated from other institutions?


Toscano: Many of my work colleagues have attended other fine institutions. The small classroom environment and one-to-one teaching aspect at Widener really allowed for a personal experience unlike those at larger programs.


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