Widener University: Almost Time for School

August 19, 2011

Widener University students will have some big helping hands to keep track of time this semester – thanks to the Pennsylvania Military College class of 1961.

This 16-foot high, 19th-century style clock now stands in the new traffic circle on 14th Street in front of University Center.  The clock is a gift from the 1961 PMC class, celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year.  Homecoming events include a champagne breakfast for the class of 1961 on Saturday, Oct. 1. Click here to see the complete homecoming weekend schedule.

Across from the clock, a classical colonnade welcomes visitors to the campus.   The finishing landscaping touches are underway on the grounds from 14th Street to the Wolfgram Memorial Library and from the new academic building to Kapelski Learning Center.  The School of Nursing has moved into the new academic building (It’s mostly obscured in this photo by the tree on the right; look for a photo of it next week.)

Orientation and freshman move-in day is next Wednesday, and classes start Aug. 29.


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