A Giant Sports Voice That Came From PMC

October 10, 2011

In the newest edition of Widener Magazine, be sure to check out the excellent profile of Bill Stern, a 1930 Pennsylvania Military College alumnus who helped pioneer sports broadcasting on radio and TV.  My favorite part of the story written by Dan Hanson is the quote from Joe Tercha, a 1949 PMC graduate who talked about one of Stern’s visits back to campus.  Tercha said, “(Stern) had you with the way his voice projected. We were hanging on every word. At the end of his talk, he said, ‘Fellows, I’d like to ask you to do one favor for me.’ We would have done anything he asked. He said, ‘Use Colgate Shave Cream.’”

To hear some of the passion that Stern used to promote Colgate Shave Cream — an enthusiasm that carried throughout all his broadcasts — click here to listen to an episode of the Bill Stern Colgate Sports News Reel from 1949. It’s complete with the accompaniment of a barbershop quartet and a frantic organist.  You just don’t hear radio broadcasts like this anymore.   –Sam Starnes, Editor




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