Stargazing Tonight at Widener Observatory

November 7, 2011

Saturn -- photographed at Widener Observatory, September 2010

With darkness coming earlier now that Daylight Savings Time has ended for this year,  Monday nights on Widener’s Main Campus means the powerful observatory atop Kirkbride Hall will be open to the public for stargazing from 6-7 p.m.   (The observatory will be open tonight and the following four Mondays, as well as for Friday evening sessions — see the observatory page for details.)

For more on how enjoyable an experience this can be, check out the blog post by Ms. Bee: The Good News in Chester Schools.   On a Friday night in September she chose the observatory over watching a Phillies game on TV or going to see the Widener soccer games at PPL Park, noting that “the real stars won out.” She continued,  “In the main observatory, we saw the moon by telescope so close and clear it was like being on the moon. This was an amazing sight. A couple turns of the observatory and we saw Jupiter. Very cool! Another deck and another view of the moon, ended with a really good stargazing night.”


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