Expat Writer to Read at Widener

February 15, 2012

Author Thomas Kennedy, a native of New York who has lived in Copenhagen since the seventies, will read from his work in Widener’s Distinguished Writers Series at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22. The reading is free and open to the public and will be held in the Webb Room in University Center.

Washington Post reviewer Jonathan Yardley wrote that Kennedy’s most recent novel Falling Sideways “is that rarest of commodities in American literary fiction, a novel about men and women at work; it is part-satire and part-drama, and it is very smart.”

A novelist, short story writer, literary critic, and essayist, Kennedy was born in New York City – in Queens – in 1944.  For more about his work, visit Kennedy’s website.




  1. Did Thomas Kennedy the Widener speaker move to Denmark in the 70’s as stated to avoid the draft???? DAVID FIEDLER ’68

  2. No, David, I volunteered for the draft in 1962 when I was 18, got out just before the Vietnam War began. By the way, you couldn’t evade the draft by moving to Denmark as Denmark is a member of NATO. But you could move to Sweden. Copenhagen is much more fun, though!

    • Glad to hear it!! Just asking since draft avoidance was a common reason among young Americans to move overseas in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Glad to hear that you are a fellow veteran!!!Hope you used the GI bill for your deucation you earned it. Did not know that NATO countries were sending draft dodgers back, certainly Canada was not and they are NATO members. – DAVE FIEDLER

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