When the Eagles Perched at Widener

July 26, 2012

By Erin Sylvester ’13

Forty years ago, a student of what was then called Widener College wrote an article for the school newspaper, The Dome, announcing the exciting news that the rumors about the Philadelphia Eagles making the move to Widener for their summer training camp were true.

This past weekend marked the beginning of this year’s training camp for the Eagles as they headed back to Lehigh University for the 17th summer. From 1973 to 1979, the Birds trained at Widener.

Though the team didn’t experience much success during that period, Mike McCormack, the Eagles’ head coach at the time, said that “Everything about [Widener was] first rate,” and Jim Gallagher, the Eagles’ former director of communications, recalled that the people “were so nice and pleasant and glad to have us there. They made us feel comfortable and welcome.”

For more information about this period in the histories of Widener University and the Philadelphia Eagles, please see the article in Widener Magazine’s Spring ’07 issue and the recent press coverage in the Delaware County Times.

If you happen to have access to any photos of the Eagles during their time at Widener, please post them as a comment, or send them to Erin Sylvester at esylvester@mail.widener.edu.



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