A Pretty Perch Atop the Widener Dome

January 4, 2013


Walking across a very quiet Widener University campus on Friday afternoon, I noticed a red-tailed hawk perched atop the antenna extending from the dome on Old Main.

I snapped these shots before it flew away.

– Sam Starnes, Editor




  1. Wonderful pictures!

  2. Love it Sam! I miss that Dome!

  3. Colonel Hyatt would have shot that bird. What is all that antenna mess doing atop our dome anyway, it belongs on the engineering building. DAVE FIEDLER ’68

  4. Following up, I initially wrote in this post that I thought this was a peregrine falcon but am pleased to be corrected by a source much more expert than I am — Dr. Andrea Martin, an associate professor of chemistry. She writes: “Nice photo of the bird. Alas, not a peregrine falcon, but a red-tailed hawk. We appear to have a resident pair here on campus. It’s surprising the wildlife here on our urban campus!” I’ve corrected the text.

  5. Great picture. I like to watch that bird fly in front of Quick Center

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