An Unlikely Pair on Widener Spring Magazine

April 8, 2013

spring 2013 magazine new

The spring issue of Widener Magazine is off the press and in the mail to alumni and friends of the university. The cover features the unlikely pairing of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was honored on campus by Pennsylvania Military College in 1963, and Bruce Springsteen, who played three memorable shows at Widener College in the mid-seventies. This issue also includes four stories written by three Widener students.



  1. From Eisenhower to Springstein. From Bob Hope to Jane Fonda, from PMC to Widener, how far we have fallen! GOD HELP US!!!

    • Was Bruce Springsteen a political activist? Or was Eisenhower a comedian. There has to be a connect to draw here somewhere.

  2. Hats off to Dan Hanson and Sam Starnes for two brilliant articles in the Spring Alumni Magazine. It was a stroke of genius to think of combining articles about Eisenhower and Springsteen in one issue. And the cover! Wow.

    These two guys have a knack for researching their topics so well, and combining small details of an event along with giving us the broader picture. Kudos to both of them for bringing our history to life in such a fun and interesting way!

  3. As I have often used issues, or certain articles from this publication, for use in the Wolfgram Library Displays over the 26 years I have been here, I am always pleased to see a new issue’s debut.
    The WIdener Magazine provides interesting, informative and timely
    stories accommpanied by excellent photographs.This is a classy,
    polished publication and serves to advertise the good taste and hard work produced by your department. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    Terri Cartularo

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