A New Site to See on Widener’s Campus

September 3, 2013

9-3-13 coms bldg

By Rosemarie Walker ’15

To some, the smell of paint, the sound of drills, and construction workers can be a bit of a distraction. To others, like Widener communication studies, media informatics, and computer science students in the new building Freedom Hall, this environment creates excitement, motivation, and inspiration.

Being the first group of students and teachers to have classes held in the new Freedom Hall, which opened this semester, is certainly a breath of fresh air. Our communication studies program transformed from having our classes in a small confined area to having them held in spacious state-of-the-art classrooms. Many students are stopping to peer into the huge windows of Freedom Hall to catch a glimpse inside, while other students are looking out of those windows and seeing a successful year ahead. I am fortunate that all of of my classes this semester are in Freedom Hall.

While the finishing touches are being made to the new 28,500-square foot building, the feeling of excitement engulfs students, professors, and staff members.  In addition to having a new building for our programs, we have high hopes that the all new TV studio, editing suites, computer labs, amphitheater, and top-of-the-line technologies will bring out the creativity, innovation, and social engagement of all students.

Rosemarie Walker ’15 is a communication studies major from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.


One comment

  1. Thanks for your post, Rosemarie. It’s good to hear how a student feels about the new building.

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