9/11 Sculpture Fragment on Display at Widener

September 11, 2013

sphere 911 image

By Autumn Heisler ’15

Part of a sculpture that sat between the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, has found its way to Widener University Center and will be on display through the end of this month.

Two years ago, the American Association for State and Local History sent out a newsletter to museums offering them the opportunity to apply to own an artifact from the World Trade Center. Rebecca Warda, the collections manager at the Widener University Art Gallery, filled out the application for the program, specifying that she wanted a small steel piece to display. In spring 2013, a piece of The Sphere, which was a sculpture that sat between the two towers, arrived at Widener’s door. “It’s really neat having the support piece that made it through,” Warda said. The shard, now entitled “Fragment of interior steel support from The Sphere by Fritz Koenig,” was rescued from the debris.

“I was able to find a picture of The Sphere online before it fell,” Warda said. She received permission to use the picture alongside a photograph taken after the buildings came down. There is a brief description of each photo, and the piece of the sculpture sits on top. Many of the pieces of the Sphere have been recovered and re-erected in Battery Park as a memorial to those lost.

The artifact display, which is owned by the university, will sit outside the Widener University Art Gallery in September while the gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday.


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