Widener-PMC Class Notes: What’s Your Opinion?

November 20, 2013

A page from 1877 — click to enlarge.

Since the earliest days of this institution, publications emanating from the offices of Old Main have included blurbs like this one: “R. McStead, of ’67, is married, and settled as County Engineer in some part of Michigan.”

The ’67 in that less-than-specific sentence is 1867, when Widener was known as Pennsylvania Military Academy.  The note appeared in The Reveille, a monthly publication edited by students, under the headline “Personals.”  Other such items included notes about Truxton Beale of the class of 1874 becoming a minister in Austria and Myron Pardee of the class of 1869 going into the lumber business in Oswego, New York.

Now known as Class Notes, these items have proven to be the most closely read pages of Widener Magazine. I’m working on a feature story for the spring 2014 magazine tentatively titled “Class Notes Confidential” that will try to get at the heart of this popular feature.

I hope to hear from alumni on your thoughts and stories about your engagement with class notes. Why do you submit and read class notes? Have you connected and reconnected through class notes? Have there been other benefits from submitting a class note? How long have you been reading class notes? Do you recall a very memorable class note?

Please e-mail me at jsstarnes@widener.edu or put a note in the comments field. You also can send letters to Sam Starnes, Magazine Editor, Widener University, One University Place, Chester, PA, 19013.


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  1. Sam. Really neat. Please include as much as possible.

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