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This blog is a conversation between the editors of Widener Magazine and Postcript, Widener’s alumni newsletter, and our readers.  We welcome your comments and input. 

— Sam Starnes, Editor, 610-499-4246, jsstarnes@widener.edu



  1. Was reading in this months Widener Magazine about Rudolph Bloom, who recently passed away. The article said he composed “Widener Blue” which is evidently our college song. In my 4 years there, I never realized we had a college song. Recently, I believe there was an effort to put words to an alma mater that was composed by John Vanore. I have searched the internet and Widener website, but cannot find the finished alma mater. Where can I find it.

    • Rudolph Bloom’s song “Widener Blue” was recognized as the college song by President Moll in 1979 although it has not been widely sung on campus. Plans for an official alma mater and a Widener fight song are in process, but have not yet been finalized.

  2. I live in Greensboro AL and let me tell you – we all love Dr. Dorsey better than grits!

    He is a real asset to our community and the Horseshoe Farm is so nice.

  3. great blog!

  4. I am Art Ryan, prep school 1954-56. I am starting an oral history project with the guidance of the PMC museum and Widener library and need to contact anyone who attended or was connected with PMPS.

  5. Great story on Springsteen at Widener. I was there for that concert and was not at that time a Springsteen fan. My recollection of that night was that he was more than 2 hours late for the concert. We got there for the concert and as time went on the crowd grew. Everyone entered at the indoor track entrance of the gym which was new at that time. There was no assigned seating, in fact it was standing only. When they finally opened the doors to let people in there was a crowd surge and since we were in the middle of the pack we were just swept along. Very scary. I realized for the first time how people get trampled to death. Once we got inside we were so shook up that we could not even enjoy the concert. I wish it would have been different but it was not a great experience.
    Mike Studzinski

  6. A great article about the Freedom Hall, the new Communications building. Glad to see the excitement throughout the campus.

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