Letters to The Editor

Please post your Letters to Editor here in the comments field.  Thank you for your input and interest.  — Sam Starnes, Editor, 610-499-4246, jsstarnes@widener.edu



  1. Sam,

    Great job on the blog!

    Lou Anne

  2. […] post your comments and letters to the editor here on the Widener Magazine blog.  I hope to hear from you. – Sam Starnes, […]

  3. Great job on the recent blog post, Sam! This additional info on Burt Mustin is just a wonderful use of the blog. Thanks for creating this.

  4. The pictures are great. I was hoping that someone was taking pictures of Old Main in the snow. They would make great postcards or holiday cards.

  5. Can you find Jim Delay, a PMC Grad from 1964?

  6. It would of been nice if Professor Martin Collo was remembered and honored in your Spring 2011 issue. It was this month 9 years ago he was killed. Just don’t understand how you could forget.

  7. I attended Pennsylvania Military Prep in 1954-54. My Spanish teacher, Jean Martel, changed my life. He convinced me that I was a good linguist, and consequently, I ended up studying 4 languages while pursuing a fascinating career as an army intelligence officer in Europe and Vietnam during the Cold War.

    Martel was a Belgian who spoke several languages, smoked Gaulois cigarettes and could have stepped out of a Humphrey Bogart WWII espionage thriller. I would like to know what happened to him after PMPS closed in 1956 and would like to be put in contact with his descendants to tell them what a positive influence he had on me.

    Fred Seamon
    Santa Cruz, CA

  8. Nice photo of the bird. Alas, not a peregrine falcon, but a red-tailed hawk. We appear to have a resident pair here on campus. It’s surprising the wildlife here on our urban campus!

  9. I really appreciated the coverage of the Widener Clinics in you Spring 14 issue. It means a lot to all those that work so hard to make the clinics happen.
    Paula Silver, Dean

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